Japan Anime Colabo Market 2008
I`ve read on my friend`s blog about this and it sounds very interesting, basically you submit a business plan which uses a famous anime property like Evangelion, Astro Boy, Patlabor, Wolf`s Rain and others. If you`re chosen you get a chance to show this idea in the event. Who knows, maybe someone gets interested and invest in your idea? It sounds fun anyway 🙂

Now looking from the business perspective 2 points called my attention:

  • They don`t promise any kind of financial support to make your plan come true, but at least you get the chance to show your idea to the propriety rights holders.
  • You must be fluent in Japanese, not only they don`t have a website in English, but also it`s in the rules that those who can`t communicate properly in Japanese won`t have their plan accepted. IMHO this shows that the Japanese still aren`t so proactive to promote Anime related products abroad, otherwise they`d at least consider entries in English.

But if you`re proficient in Japanese this is a nice opportunity. I`m considering to send an entry to see how things work, wish me luck!

Japan Anime Colabo Market 2008
in japanese only