Update on beer market in Japan: Kirin surpasses Asahi for the first time in 8 years

Japan Times ran an article yesterday, reporting that Kirin Brewery surpassed Asahi Breweries to become the market leader in Japan in the first half of 2009. Also if third-brand beer are considered, the whole market grew by 0,2%, for the first time in the past 3 years.

The main reason given for the sudden surge of Kirin were the rising sales of it`s third-brand beer Nodogoshi Nama, which boasts being the biggest seller in the category for the last 4 years. This brand is being heavily advertised and tend to use comedians as the stars of its ads. The latest campaign has a beach as location, but in this case actress Yu Kashi appears fully clothed.

Maybe the Japanese population really don`t like half naked girls on their beer ads 🙁 . But besides that sad fact, the article seems to endorse my previous post based on the Toyo Keizai article. Consumers are more price conscious and are preferring to drink cheaper options at home (hence the slight increase in sales despite the crisis).