Blog renewal: Moving to WordPress

For a long time I`ve been using WordPress for work, but due to lack of time or whatever other reason, I stick to Blogger for my personal blogs. Actually, with all the new social media that appeared recently, blogging had become quite a low-priority task on my daily list. So I decided to try to improve things a little bit and start using a new platform that offer more options.

Also I used to have two separate blogs, one in Japanese and one in English, with different focus, but as I wasn`t updating neither of them, I decided to merge them in a single one. I won`t be updating past posts, but I`ll be using a plugin called Transposh that uses the Google Translate and Bing Translate API to provide automatic translations in other languages. It`s far from perfect, but I still think it`s better than nothing and if I have the time I can (or you can) translate the post to other languages manually too.

Finally I moved to new servers, as you can notice on the user bar on the top, this blog is hosted at a SNS/Blog provider for Japanese Culture lovers. This is a service provided by the Nikkei Youth Network, a non-profit organization that aims to create a global human network of Nikkeis, which is also where I work now as a Communication Manager.

From now on I`ll be writing mainly in English and hope that Google Translate can manage the other languages for me! Of course if I have the resources and find that some post is worth translating into other languages, I`ll be doing that too.

Hope you enjoy this new blog.