How to update Google+, Twitter and Facebook simultaneously in 5 steps:

Step 1: Create a account at ManageFlitter at
(Just click at the Start button, then allow it to access you Twitter account.)
Step 2: Go to the Dashboard tab and click on “Turn on/off Google+ sharing
Step 3: Input your public post link under “Connect your Google+ account” (to get that link, just click on your own photo at your Google Plus account)

Now all your public Google Plus updates go to your Twitter timeline! Now to Facebook:

Step 4: Go to
Step 5: Click on the button written “Sign in to Facebook and connect the accounts” and allow it. (you can choose whether to post to your timeline or to your page)

Now every public post on Google Plus will go to Twitter then to Facebook!! Hopefully now you`ll be using Google+ more frequently 🙂


1. You can only use 140 characters in your Google Plus post, otherwise the only thing that will be posted is a link to Twitter (which looks like with a link to the original post. On FB the link will look like Google+ don`t have a character counter like Twitter do, so be careful!

2. Every photo or video will not be reposted to Twitter of Facebook, only a link to the original on Google+

3. I said simultaneously but I lied to you, it actually can take a couple of minutes for your stuff to be shared to the other platforms.