I currently work at a Japanese videogame company called SQUARE ENIX. I´m in charge of the Latin America subsidiary. My work consists in bringing out the best games developed here in Latin America, we work with local developers to create new IPs that resonates with the local players.

I believe that the Latin American game developers have an indisputable advantage, as they really know the culture and preferences of the Latin America market. Our goal is to create great games that everybody in Latin America can enjoy, then take those to the world and create a great franchise, like FINAL FANTASY, DRAGON QUEST, TOMB RAIDER, Hitman, Deus EX and Space Invaders.

Previously I worked at a Brazilian publishing house called Editora JBC, working as the head of the Japanese branch. At that position I oversaw the publishing of weekly magazine and newspaper, besides the distribution of books in Portuguese for the Brazilian living in Japan. I also dealt with negotiating the rights of manga and character licences of Japanese content for the Brazilian market.

As a side note, during my grad school years, I had some short experiences working at a Japanese animation studio called DLE, selling their content to Japanese and foreign TV station. I also worked with Market research, doing feasibility studies for Japanese companies that were interested in the Brazilian market. Finally I had the opportunity to work as a producer for a documentary movie, magazine and event, both in Brazil and in Japan.